Secret Empire: Omega #1 Review

IGN All Jesse Schedeen

Secret Empire ended on a frustratingly bland note, so the prospect of an epilogue issue is a mixed one. On one hand, most readers are probably eager for this event to be finally and completely over. On the other, it wouldn't hurt for writer Nick Spencer to perform a little damage control and try to salvage something from Secret Empire #10's formulaic final battle. To an extent, he's successful with Secret Empire: Omega.

As the Avengers attempt to pick up the pieces of the recent conflict and rebuild, this issue hinges mainly on the reunion between Steve Rogers and his twisted doppelganger. Frankly, the idea that there are two versions Steve Rogers at all is disappointing, and speaks to the idea that Secret Empire never lived up to its initial promise. This story only had weight as long as Steve's reputation and very existence were on the line. That Steve compares his doppelganger to a clone or Skrull only highlights the idea that this story didn't have the lasting impact on the character and his journey it should. The fact that this issue also directly undoes one of the few lasting developments from the main series only makes matters worse.

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