Warning: The following review contains spoilers for the episode.

With only four universes remaining in the Tournament of Power and time running short, Universe 4’s team decides it’s time to unveil their secret plan. This plan quickly crumbles, and while there are moments where some great ideas could’ve been explored (such as a God of Destruction rebelling against Zen-Oh) Super instead glosses over them and hastily ushers Universe 4 to their doom.

While the erasure of Universe 4 was inevitable, it’s a shame that it happens now and in such a lackluster way. Episode 119 sees several of its warriors getting blasted out of the ring in such rapid succession that the impact of their loss is never truly felt. The comical nature of the characters and the combat they are in also didn’t help things, particularly with how things ended surrounding Damon, the insect-sized warrior. He was strong and fast enough to knock Piccolo out of the arena, but the entire battle with him afterward had a comical undertone that undermined the truly grave situation he and the rest of Universe 4 were in.

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Rob Pitt writes: Daedalic Entertainment has answered my prayers (or many emails and tweets) and have managed to bring the second game from the amazing Deponia series to the PS4. The series started out as a planned trilogy; however, due to overwhelming popular demand, they decided to bring out a fourth game in 2016. It revolves around a rather ego-fueled tinkerer called Rufus. His goal in life is to try and save Deponia from being destroyed, this in itself is a selfless act I hear you cry; however, the only reason he wants to save it is to impress a girl. How would he be able to impress her if the planet is destroyed? As I mentioned above, this is the second game in the saga and the second game on PS4 so I would highly recommend you play the first game before this one; however, the game does give enough backstory and have its own enclosed story so if you chose to start here then you wouldnt be confused or lost.

Today at PSX 2017, Sucker Punch discussed its upcoming PlayStation 4 game Ghost of Tsushima.

During a panel, hosted by IGN’s Brian Altano, creative director Nate Fox, along with art director Jason Connell, animation director Billy Harper, and associate producer Ryuhei Katami shed light on the creation of the stunning reveal trailer that was shown in October at Paris Games Week.

Harper said he thinks the biggest challenge in crafting the trailer was “trying to find the voice of each character,” noting “one of the largest characters is the world.” Katami noted that they had a team in Japan who helped to make sure the trailer’s “representation is respective to the Japanese culture.”

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