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To me the game feels split in design and I am not talking about the battle Royale addition.

You load into a mission and on one side you have your own quests and objectives that aren't shared, or at the very least your own motives (Screws for ammo etc).

And on the other side, you have the main mission objective.

These games can last from 20m - 120m or more before everyone decides to finish.

And are repeated, potentially, hundreds of times in order to get to end game content, which seems to be the most diverse and fun to play!

It is essentially playing a single minded experience with your own voice actors and missions, while others happen to be around (You can always help each other to collect things but it's not any main or serious objective).

Then you all come together at the end to complete the original mission goal.

To get to the point, here is the direction I would love to see explored by epic:

  • A base of operations to replace all the UI and Menus (While still having the menus to shortcut 3D the world).
  • Missions to no longer be islands of instances but instead to feature a vast open world setting.
  • Seamlessly walk out into the open world into your own private base (Similar to the shield defenses currently but with potential for a lot more freeroam and different biomes to explore).
  • The tech already exists for battle royal to make this an open world game, especially with the amount of players.
  • You could have game worlds with 50 or more players.
  • Would open up the game to a PvP aspect.
  • You could venture out to complete personal motivations and objectives without tying yourself down to a mission.
  • Storms could still travel the map and spawn hordes of enemies. (These could also destroy left over player made forts over time).
  • The main objectives could be areas of the map you could choose to go to specifically with the intent to take part in it (rather than now; having multiple reasons for being in a mission).

There would be a few issues with this:

  • Seamless host migration tech to allow for people to matchmake in the open world.
  • Obviously a massive undertaking to convert the game, so this will likely never happen.
  • Lots of design issues related to instancing the homebase, rebuilding of resources and balance issues related to number of player participation in events.
  • You never know what the community wants until it's out there, a lot of people might hate these ideas, especially people reaching end game who are comfy with the current game.

The main thing that brought these ideas was the amount of development that has shifted towards Battle Royale and how the two games completely conflicts with each other. A big redesign of the main game is needed for it to stand a chance at competing for developers time with the rate that Battle Royale popularity is going.

Not to mention I think it would sell the game a lot more, easier to get into, feel like less of a grind as you aren't doing missions after missions.

I realise it's a completely different direction but to me, as an avid game designer, would love to see the Fortnite world realised in such a way, especially at the hands of Epic.

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Have in mind this is twine mission 76 so prob just one more kid from canny .... So today i had amazing case of mental illnes i had guy who as afk for good 10 mins didint move at all his name is: "I need ammo" so he dieicided to move after that 10 min just to stand on bomb ok i get it he wants to ride still didint shoot bullet didnt use smoke bomb no dragon slash ok i guess hes saviing energy for something later. So i left it on that i went to build traps nope someone started it moment bomb got in this fucking kid started a fucking 76mission for 4 man with nothing build around no traps nothing somehow 3 of us maneged to fucking deffend that thing while all that time he was fucking running around editing pieces so that husks can come in i dont know what the fuck this guy wants i guess he wants ban so im here on reddint begging any fucking Epic stuff to lisen to this shit since i reported 200 kids so far not single one got banned they just keep on doing what the do best i guess im gonna get banned for sayin that kid is retarded i guess so that is offensive but he is there trying to fucking throw our game!

Sorry for bad language and english

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I purchased 2 licenses for fortnite back in July, but I took a new job across the country very shortly thereafter and havent had time to play. I finally get time to do so, and my login doesn't work. Recover password didnt work. Thus begins my month long struggle to get ANY response or help from Epic.

I reached out on social media, I created a ticket - because there's no 800 number - which is a bloody travesty in terms of customer support. I only created the one ticket so as not to flood their apparently 1 part timer who addresses paying customer concerns. I've continued to wait on this 'support' ticket for 30 days. I'm not a free player, so I actually expect to get a response in less time than it would take me to grow a full beard.

Epic, if you read this - please get around to ticket #2249455 and refund my payment - I've lost all interest in supporting you and your games. This is on you, and you should be big enough to accept that.

To the fan boys who would downvote me; I'm not shitting on your fave game. I wanted to play it. But I paid good money to support this game long before battle royale mode - and they've completely ignored that fact. I have the right to be angry here.

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Hey all aFrequ here with a state of the sub post! We're bring about some tweaks to the rules and explaining some course of actions we've taken in the past. Anyways, lets get started!

Tweaks to the Rules

Sub Improvements

Before we go further into the tweaks themselves, we're looking for further ways to improve the sub and the first thing we decided to do was update the FAQ and try to create a wiki of sorts. On the sidebar you'll notice that there is a link to the FAQ which answers a lot of questions that are asked regarding a wide range of topics from if a certain piece of loot is good to where to find blu glo trolls in canny. We're also redoing the entire wiki, its far from complete, but that will be a resource for you guys in the future as well. Now that we've talked about those let's get on with the rule changes!

Rule Changes

These rule changes focus mainly on trying to cut down on low quality posts and encourage discussion:

  • Any posts that can be answered by reading the FAQ will be deleted

    • Pretty straightforward, we get a lot of repeat posts about blu glo trolls, protect the servers, etc, which all pretty much have the same answer
  • Is X good posts requirement changes for non deletion

    • So in the FAQ we've put in a general guideline that should help most users with this question so flat out image posts asking if X is good will now be deleted. However, you can make posts regarding these if they are thoughtful. An example would be, "Hey X is pretty well rolled, but I am unsure if the weapon itself is good." or "How much does fire rate/reload speed/mag size (include whatever mileage may vary perk here), help with this weapon?" We're hoping that this will reduce the amount of low quality posts pertaining to these and limiting them to posts where discussion can be had.

Course of Actions

We're aware that some of you are upset with some recent course of actions by the mod team and we thought we'd explain our reasoning on why we did those. While this course of action hasn't been a problem in the past, a lot of people were upset with the rant megathread we put up recently on the claim that we're trying to censor you. We'd like to assure you that that is not our intention. Escalation wise, that is our last course of action when things go bad and really serves as a sign for Epic that they screwed up big time if we have to sticky a post about it. We realize that some of you see this as an attempt to cover up Epic's misdeeds, but that is not so. Anyone viewing the sub knows its bad if there's a sticky for complaints and the front page is filled with rant posts (we only delete threads regarding the topic that are created after the megathread is made so any made before that stay up). The reason we do create a megathread is to have all the complaints focused at one point for Epic to see, as well as, as previously stated, signal to Epic that something really needs to be addressed. I'll end this section by saying that we're just normal people like you guys, and sometimes we may not always make the best or right decisions. However, we will always make the decision, whatever it may be, with the best intent for the community.



As some of you may have noticed, we now have new and improved (at least I'd like to think they are improved) filters on the side. We'll be making changes to them to better suit the STW sub as for now they are pretty much just a copy of the BR sub filters.

LFG Thread

With the addition of filters we'll most likely add a flair for the weekly LFG thread so that you can easily access them. We also plan to change them to a weekly thread instead of daily as we feel the daily lfg threads weren't that successful due to the fact that they were daily so it could be a chore to post in them, or view them every day.


That's all we have to say for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this and being a great community. As always, if you have any feedback please feel free to tell us through modmail, PMs or simply commenting below. We appreciate your efforts and will take them into account.

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I feel like a lot more heroes are viable than people make it seem. For eg I see a lot of people undermining Outlanders but I'm using Shamrock Reclaimer in higher level SSDs and still appearing as the match MVP.

What unconventional heroes are you successfully using?

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EDIT: To all the people saying "This wont matter once youre at Canny Valley" or "My backpack has 200 slots and I carry around 10k Nuts n Bolts all the time" I would like to point out that just because its not a problem for YOU doesnt mean its not a problem for OTHERS.

If it stops mattering once you reach canny valley, that doesnt change the fact that it DOES matter for all of Stonewood, and all of Plankerton, and so on and so on. Imagine if Square released a Final Fantasy game with a HUGE problem with grinding and farming and tons of people complained about it and asked that it be fixed, but then high level players just went "well it doesnt matter once youre at the final boss lol"

Like, ok, cool, great. its nice that it stops mattering once you reach the final dungeon, but that doesnt change the fact that it DOES matter for the 30 or 40 or 50 dungeons before that. If something is an issue for the first 80% of the game then stops affecting you for the last 20%, its still an issue and still needs to be fixed.


As things are right now, the ONLY way to get Nuts n Bolts or Wood Planks are from harvesting cars/machines, and harvesting trees/shrubs, respectively. This is a problem.

Nuts n Bolts and Wood planks are used in a huge amount of essential crafting, so not having a way to craft them is problematic.

If Im low on ammo, I dont want to go to private and then spend 3 entire missions in the suburbs harvesting every single car on the map just to gather together a couple stacks of nuts n bolts, when if I have an entire stack of 999 metal just sitting there, that, logically, I really ought to be able to turn into a big heap of nuts n bolts. Nuts n Bolts are small bits of metal, which, logically, could be made (or, crafted, one might say) from a larger piece of metal. Wood planks are even simpler; take log, cut log. Boom, you have wood planks

Its ludicrous that I can have an inventory full of wood, and yet not be able to turn some of that Wood into Wood planks. Same deal with having 999 metal and not being able to craft nuts n bolts. Players should be able to craft these items the same way we can craft duct tape and blast powder.

I mean, what, we can take random plant leaves and tree sap and make ACTUAL DUCT TAPE out of it, but we cant cut a log into smaller pieces?

Virtually all other games with a crafting system have a mechanic whereby metal items can be crafted out of metal, wood items can be crafted out of logs, etc. And, given that Nuts n Bolts and Wood Planks are needed for just about everything you craft in Fortnite, there really, really needs to be a way to obtain them OTHER than spending the entirety of a Van or Atlas mission farming cars and trees.

Epic, I love this game. Its amazing. Everything youve done on it so far is great! This is one thing that REALLY does need to be fixed though. Not being able to craft Nuts n Bolts is a HUGE time-waste and makes the game far less enjoyable. If I want to go and start my first Plankerton Storm Shield Defense, but I cant because I have to go spend 5 hours farming cars and trees first since Im low on ammo and traps, that makes the game less fun. When the game becomes less fun, less people play. When less people play, the game dies. :( None of us want to see Fortnite die. Please remedy this issue so that players can craft essential crafting materials like Wood Planks and nuts n Bolts the same way we can craft ducts tape and blast powder.


I figured I might as well throw in some possible crafting recipe suggestions for this sort of thing. These are just ideas and the amount of inputs or outputs might need tweaked, but you get the idea.

1 Metal = 5 Nuts n bolts

1 Wood = 3 wood planks

3 Metal + 3 Nuts n Bolts + 1 Duct Tape = 1 Simple Mechanical Parts

8 Metal + 5 Nuts n Bolts + 3 Duct Tape + 2 Sturdy Twine = 1 Sturdy Mechanical parts

10 Metal + 8 Nuts n Bolts + 4 duct tape + 2 batteries + 1 Quartz crystal + 2 copper ore = 1 Efficient Mechanical parts

3 Fibrous herbs = 1 Stringy Twine

4 Fibrous herbs + 2 duct tape = 1 Simple Twine

8 Fibrous herbs + 3 duct tape + 2 rough ore = 1 Sturdy twine

4 Metal + 5 Nuts n Bolts + 3 Simple Mechanical Parts = 1 Rotating Gizmo

3 Metal + 2 Mineral powder + 2 Copper ore = 1 Batteries

5 Batteries + 1 Quartz Crystal + 4 Nuts n bolts + 2 Metal + 2 Simple Mechanical parts = 1 Active Powercell

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. If Epic wants to keep harvesting/searching as the main way of obtaining stuff like batteries or mechanical parts or what have you, the amounts needed to craft each item could be made much higher so that people would be much more incentivized to harvest them, but they could craft those items in a pinch if necessary. If nothing else, the Nuts n Bolts and Wood Planks ABSOLUTELY need to be made craftable. The other materials would be nice, but Nuts n Bolts and wood Planks are essential.

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People want to be rewarded for participation, but want defense against backlash. So I’ll start with a basic idea and modify it based on every potential issue.

First, we use an individual reward system. Contribute more, get more stuff. Simple.

but people will just build off in a corner or shoot random husks or craft items but never place them

Cool. Rule #1: Activity must be done near objective and corresponding to goal. Reward Points are no longer awarded for random building, unused crafting, or given to useless combat (such as farming kills by continuously restarting a large encampment) The XP associated with those activities is still rendered though.

but people will tear down walls and traps to put up their own

Cool. Rule #2: You get combat/utility/building points when the wall/trap is placed, not when it is used, as long as it’s in the proper area. It doesn’t matter how much the trap is used anymore. Destroying walls/traps grants negative points, in all relative areas. You don’t get negative points for destroying your own traps, but you don’t get the points for putting them up, either.

but what if noobs and idiots throw down garbage traps on my beautifully constructed walls? I can take the hit for removing their crap.

Cool. Rule #3: You can replace a trap with any higher level trap (Whether this should be trap level or that lightning bolt level is up for debate). You get the combat/building points for the trap, as did the original builder, no penalties. And no need to destroy your walls. Also encourages investing in your own traps instead of putting that level 1 floor launcher everywhere, JASON!

but now high level players will just mob low level games and override the traps

Yeah, no they won’t. Low level areas give worse rewards, so getting ‘more garbage’ is hardly an enticing offer for a Twine player. There may be a couple of games where this happens, but you can also sit back and get a free win.

What about combat?

Combat’s still combat. Investment should lead to rewards. If you spend a ton of nuts and bolts shooting enemies, your reward points increase. Points are given for shots fired, but are increased for shots landed, so if you want to waste 500 nuts and bolts shooting into the sky, be my guest, but you’d get more firing 200 NnB worth into an enemy husk.

** but ability users like Dragon don’t have to use much. So they don’t get rewarded as much?**

Well first, just because you’re a ninja doesn’t mean you can’t build traps. Hell, constructors don’t even get a discount for traps, all traps are the same (except those boosted by Machinist Harper).

Second, ability use will be treated like traps, but slightly more conditionally, in that they have to actually hit something. But as long as they deal damage, you’ll be awarded the combat points, and it’s a flat value per use except for some abilities like BASE’s electrified floors which will award based on ticks or War Cry which will just amplify points given per shot taken in its duration.

** But then low level users will just use big AOE heroes like Dim Mak, Dragon, and (snickering) Base to get a whole bunch of reward points**

Cool. Rule #4: Reward Points from abilities scales with Player Level.

what if drop stuff for someone else to use? Like if they’re a constructor with building discounts or are a high level that can make better traps?

Well first of all, thanks, the ONE nice outlander player in the entire player base.

Second, that would kinda stress the importance of leveling your own traps, wouldn’t it?

Third, since I do want to encourage this behavior, Rule#5: If a player builds using your materials, you gain a percentage of their rewards points (this does NOT take away from the actual constructor’s score. It’s a bonus score given to the supplier) this can only occur up to a limit, for a number of materials (so dropping your entire inventory for a thicc Penny who sent you a winky face emoji won’t let you ride her coattails. Nor should it. )

What if people just throw down traps for points and it kills the building limit reward?

Rule#6: There are two building limits: a global and personal building limit. The global limit is about 50% of the current limit, and the personal limit is about 25%. After going beyond the global limit, each player can go up to their additional personal limit and get the reward. So, if you solo build a base plus tunnels within your limit, and some idiot comes around laying knee high walls everywhere, you’re good.

what if someone edits your walls so that you lose?

Well, first, fuck that guy/chick.

Second, Rule#7: editing down will count for Negative points (in some cases, this might need a little more tuning). And note when I say ‘negative points’, I don’t just mean a deduction of your reward score; it’s also meant to be a tally of negative behavior. If a loss occurs, rewards and gathered materials are taken from the person(s) with negative points. (Or a penalty is applied to their next game, whichever is easier to implement)

I’m trying to have a comprehensive reward system that account for leechers/afkers and punishes trolling and idiot behavior. Is there anything else that would need to be adjusted?

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