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 Apple announced a substantial investment in Finisar. Apple is giving Finisar $390 million to build a new 700,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Sherman, Texas. Finisar is going to hire 500 people to work on the laser sensor in the TrueDepth camera in the iPhone X. Today’s investment is part of Apple’s commitment to invest $1 billion in U.S.-based companies with its Advanced… Read More

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TV Shows That Will Blow You Away In 2018

 Peak TV is here to stay, with networks and streaming services already lining up exciting new series for years to come. Looking ahead to next year, we’re already excited for a slew of shows with huge stars on both sides of the camera—and intriguing and interesting premises ready to bring new perspectives to the small screen. Get ready to make plenty of room in your queue, because these are just some of the many TV shows you can look forward to watching in 2018…

Please Note: Release dates are subject to change.
Black Lightning | 0:23 The Alienist | 1:05 A.P. Bio | 1:36 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs | 2:07 Castle Rock | 2:37 Cloak and Dagger | 3:20 Cobra Kai | 3:58 Untitled animated Deadpool series | 4:44 Jack Ryan | 5:20 Krypton | 5:53 Mosaic | 6:31 New Warriors | 7:24 Untitled Purge series | 8:08 Rise | 8:42 The Romanoffs | 9:25


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 Tim Cook said six months ago Amazon Prime Video was coming to Apple TV sometime before the end of the year. And here it is: the long-awaited app is finally available on Apple TV and the iOS flavor was updated to support the iPhone X. The native tvOS versions is compatible with Apple TV 3rd generation devices or later. If the app isn’t visible yet, try searching for Amazon Prime Video on… Read More

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 Apple released an iOS update in the middle of the night (Cupertino time). iOS 11.2 brings Apple Pay Cash, but the feature is not live yet. The company still needs to flip a switch on its servers to enable it. Today’s update also enables support for faster 7.5W Qi wireless charging. If you have an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X as well as a wireless charger that supports 7.5W or more, your… Read More

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 Apple hasn’t shared any exact number, but Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang calculated that Apple may have sold as many as 6 million iPhone X units this weekend alone, StreetInsider reported. With such a big number, it’s hard to grasp Apple’s success with the iPhone X. Last quarter, Apple sold 39.3 million iPhones when you combine all iPhone models. In other words,… Read More

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 A few years ago jailbreaking your iPhone was all the rage. The cat-and-mouse game of hackers versus Apple was great fun and some of the open source products available to jailbreakers – namely the Cydia alternative app store – added amazing features and customizability to the iPhone. Some devs even launched only on jailbroken phones, thumbing their noses at Apple’s walled… Read More

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 Every year, Apple airs a new ad in the U.S. for Thanksgiving. Compared to other Apple ads, this is less about showing product features and more like a greeting card. This year is no different — you still see a lot of AirPods. Apple’s new ad is called “Sway” and takes place in the streets of New York. A woman starts playing Sam Smith’s “Palace” on her… Read More

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 Apple has released a brand new ad for the iPad Pro. It features a young girl and a rose gold iPad Pro running iOS 11. And Apple’s pitch is quite clear here — the iPad is the future of computers. The company even thinks there will be a time when a young person doesn’t know what “computer” means. There’s this meme that keeps coming back on Twitter. A young… Read More

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 Apple has made iOS 11.1.2 available, the second minor point release it’s put out in as many weeks. This one is specifically designed to address a bug where the iPhone X could become temporarily unresponsive to touch input when moving from warm weather to dramatically colder temperatures – like venturing outside in winter in Canada, for instance. The update is also said to address… Read More

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 The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X all support wireless charging using the Qi standard. It means that iPhones are now compatible with hundreds of chargers out there. But iPhone Qi charging is currently limited to 5W, or the slowest wireless charging speed. Apple is currently working on iOS 11.2 — this update is going to support 7.5W charging. Wireless charging is nice if you… Read More